Top Louis Vuitton Wallets For Men


Want to surprise your husband with a grand Louis Vuitton wallet? If yes, check out some of these latest designs we found recently. They are sexy, elegant looking and very much in the business. You are going to fall in love with all.

The Slender Wallet

If you want something cool, sexy and chic at the same time, go for the slender wallet. This is certainly one of the best Louis Vuitton wallets you will ever find. It comes with refined Damier Infini leather which is slim, compact and lets you carry all essentials that fits easily into the back and front pocket at ease. The slender wallet is also easy to carry and comfortable for those who use.

The Brazza Wallet

The Brazza Wallet belongs to the leather range of Taiga. It is not just one of Louis Vuittons best collections for men but also has several essential features you will love. The wallet is literally the companion you need at all times. It has different slots, pockets and compartments.

Multiple Wallet

Every man these days wants a multiple wallet in his bag. After all, it is the best in the business and certainly one of the best Louis Vuitton wallets you will love owning. It is great for holding both credit cards and bills and can be used for handling receipts as well. The taiga leather in this multiple wallet has been stamped with LV initials that look very sexy and elegant. They also have two slots for receipts. The wallet is more than perfect for regular usage and can last very long if taken care of.

Ezip Wallet

The Ezipw wallet is thin, well crafted and comes in excellent V leather that is water repellent and has been adorned with the traditional and gorgeous looking Gaston V signature. It fits in all your credit cards easily and comes with a proper zipped pocket that can hold coins, money and a proper phone.

Long Wallet

The Long Wallet is stylish, practical, sexy and super spacious. It looks elegant and comes with an attractive Damier Ebene canvas with some excellent layered leather details that will give you a good inside view of the generous wallet. The exterior of the wallet is as neat as it is on the outside. The Long Wallet has three compartments and also gives space for a business card. It is certainly the best out of all Louis Vuitton wallets. Read more .